Laura Dewitte


Meaning in life &

well-being in dementia

Laura Dewitte 2.JPG

Laura's research focuses mainly on the experience of meaning in life for older adults with dementia and its relation to their well-being and cognitive functioning over time. She uses a combination of methods, including self-report questionnaires, neuropsychological measures, and in-depth interviews. She is interested in the experience of those living with dementia as well as the conceptualization of meaning in life. Furthermore, she is interested in open science and research methods.

Laura started working as a postdoc in October 2020. For her PhD research, she received a PhD Fellowship grant for fundamental research of the Research Foundations Flanders in 2016, after joining the Meaning Research in Late Life team of prof. Dezutter at KU Leuven in October 2015. Before that, she obtained her master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from KU Leuven in July 2015. For her master’s thesis, she collaborated in the Reproducibility Project Psychology under the supervision of prof. Wolf Vanpaemel. Her clinical internship was at the University Psychiatric Center in Leuven, where she provided psychological counseling and assessment to older adults with neurocognitive challenges.