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Jessie wins Award for Spiritual Care 2023

We are delighted to announce that our lab head professor Jessie Dezutter has won the Award for Spiritual Care 2023 (Prijs Spirituele Zorg), awarded by the Belgian association of chaplains (pastoral care workers).

The association articulates her contribution as follows: "Jessie Dezutter helps to break the taboo on existential/spiritual questions through sound interdisciplinary research. In doing so, she pays particular attention to questions of meaning in older adults."

Lindsy Desmet, vice president of the association, said during the award ceremony: "Jessie gives a voice to older adults by including them as participants in scientific research. That is extremely valuable." Jessie added: "I am touched by this award because it comes from chaplains who are in the practice of care and who help make my research possible."

Huge congratulations, Jessie!

Read more about the award in this article (in Dutch).


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