Old Age Psychiatry Conference

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

On October 28, 2021, the MeReL team participated in the 7th Conference for Old Age Psychiatry, organized by the University Psychiatric Center of KU Leuven. The conference theme this year was "Out of sight, out of mind: loneliness and mental health of older adults." We were invited by prof. dr. Mathieu Vandenbulcke (head of the conference and collaborator of the MeReL lab) to present some of the findings from our lab. For a group of about 150 practitioners, Jessie, Judith and Laura talked about our work on different existential topics (meaningfulness, tiredness of life and existential struggling) and how (de-)connectedness plays a role in this. The slides of our presentation (in Dutch) can be found on the conference website: https://www.upckuleuven.be/nl/agenda/uit-het-oog-uit-het-hart.


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